Property Management

As a property owner, you understand the time and effort that goes into managing your real estate assets. You know that you need a professional ally, who can help you to minimize your time investment and risk. You need leadership that is customer-focused and excels in proactive communication, which is exactly what we offer.

At Newton Real Estate we’ve assembled a small but powerful team that takes on an owner’s mentality. As you entrust your resources to us, we aim to give you a peace-of-mind that frees you up to attend to all your other business ventures. Our reliable, honest and prompt approach takes the burden out of owning rental properties.

Our full-service procedures encompass all facets of managing your property:

  • Collecting rent so that you get paid on time
  • Repairing as needed—with proper documentation, to protect you
  • Reliable maintenance, from “roof-to-lawn” and everything in between, keeping a pristine appearance
  • Collecting and Overseeing Cam Expenses for maximum value
  • Paying out vendors on time, protecting your reputation
  • Sourcing qualified vendors that you can trust
  • Bookkeeping accurately and systematically
  • Collecting and filing sales tax
  • Putting funds in escrow for future repairs
  • Conducting regular documented inspections to “head-off” issues
  • Taking care of emergency repairs—building trust and appreciation with your tenants

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