Property Development

Developing a parcel to suit your business goals involves an array of decisions and legal issues. You want to be sure you’ve done the due diligence and research required to invest your time and resources successfully. You desire a systematic process that gets you over the hurdles that could result in fees or timeline delays. Our team leadership has developed over one million square feet of commercial and industrial properties and can get you there.

We have the insight and skills to favorably guide your project—whether you are in the very first stages or you are midway through. Our ability to value-engineer your process is unmatched thanks to our attention to the right details and creative team-brainstorming each step of the way.

Whether your project pertains to commercial, industrial, or residential properties, you can expect the highest level of quality in all of these areas:

  • A thorough investigation into finding land or buildings that meet the highest-and-best use requirements for your project
  • Assistance in the right selection of architects, engineers, and contractors
  • Taking the steps to avoid future entanglements
  • Obtaining a site plan approval
  • Walking through a rezoning process
  • Reviewing your financing options
  • Designing a floor plan
  • Coordinating with contractors and subs during the construction phase
  • Helping to mitigate environmental roadblocks
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Putting together different parcels of land that require rezoning
  • Working within budgetary constraints
  • Represent clients in face-to-face meetings and for documentation
  • Taking care of the multitude of details so you can focus on your business

Single Family Development

San Marino Estates entrance

San Marino Estates

Newton Land Development planned and coordinated the building of San Marino Estates, a 79 home luxury development in the Suntree / Viera area of Brevard County, Florida.

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