Newton Development Group

The Newton Development Group consists of a number of companies with extensive experience in import-export, product development and distribution, consulting, commodity trading and land development. Our group offers over 20 years of experience in North America, South America and Europe. We have worked closely with a number of American and European firms and have strong working relationships with some of the following firms:

AECOM (Military Contractor)

Air Burners, Inc.  (Air Curtain Burners)

Agribergidum, S.A (Vineyard, Spain) view website
Alcide Corporation (Industrial Chemical Products, Washington)
Balmaseda Asociados (Spanish Consultant and Law Firm, Spain)

DynCorp International (Military Contractor)
Doctor Register and Associates (Veterinarian Medical Products, Minnesota)
Ecolab (Industrial Chemical Products) view website
Elecnor, S.A. (Industrial Contractor, Spain) view website
Euro Distribution, S.A. (Animal Foods and Pharmaceutical Products,)

Fountain Powerboats, Inc. (Boat Manufacture)

Hawkeye Weapons System

Ingenieursbureau Heemskerks, B.V. (Pharmaceutical Products,)
Industias Nutricion Animal, S.L. (Animal Foods and Pharmaceutical Products) view website

ISO Group (Defense and Aerospace)

Mandus Group Ltd. (Artillery Manufacture)

Maywood Group (Commodity Producers, Worldwide) view website
Metal Shark Alumimium Boats (Boat Manufacture)

MetroGrass (Artificial Sport Fields)
Newton Land Development, Inc. (Land Development)
Northrop Grumman (Military Contractor, Worldwide)
RMD, S.A. (Tire Recycler, Machinery Design, Spain)
Somo, Inc. (Import-Export and Consulting, Worldwide)
Somo II, LLC (Property Management, Florida)
Somo USA, LLC (Asset Management, Florida)

Tecnesis 3000 (Ammunition Manufacture, Spain)
Thermtec, Inc. (Incinerators Manufacturer)

TURFevolutions (Artificial Sport Fields)

We have the broad knowledge and a proven track record in the competitive business world. With various partnerships and offices world-wide, we can provide in-country support, market research, product introduction and consultant work. We seek opportunities in various business sectors and are always open to new business ventures.

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss our business with you.

Contact David Newton: (321) 751-6850